Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Pendleton is committed to bringing his patients from throughout the Leander, TX, area the latest in orthodontic dental technology. One great example is AcceleDent®, an innovative new device that can reduce the time you need to wear braces or aligner trays!

All About AcceleDent

The AcceleDent® device looks similar to a mouthguard or a traditional retainer, but it does much more! When you wear the AcceleDent® mouthpiece for 20 minutes a day, it pulsates, stimulating cellular activity and helping to speed up bone remodeling.

When coupled with an orthodontic device like braces, aligner trays, or any other orthodontic appliance, it helps to shift teeth into their new straighter positions faster than treatment alone. That’s how AcceleDent® reduces the time you spend wearing an orthodontic device!

Dr. Pendleton wants you to know precisely how easy it is to use this fantastic device. All you need to do is put the AcceleDent® mouthpiece in place, then bite down on it hard enough to start the activator. You leave it in your mouth for 20 minutes and proceed with whatever chores or tasks you need to do. At the end of the 20 minutes, you remove the device until you use it again the next day.

There's an App for That!

AcceleDent® has an app that gives you and your orthodontist an easy way to track how often you use the device, gives you “rewards” along the way, and enables direct messaging with Dr. Pendleton.

Although it’s not required to use the app, you may like the features it provides and find that it helps motivate you to use the AcceleDent® device regularly.

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